Phoebe is no longer available.


Phoebe' s approximate date of birth is May 15, 2019. She is vaccinated, spayed and she has tested negative for FIV/Felv. Phoebe and her sister Patrina are to be adopted together. Their adoption fee is $375.00 + tax. Patrina (mostly white) and Phoebe (mostly gray) are a strongly bonded pair of young sisters. They lost their mom too early and weren't sufficiently socialized initially. But we are changing that!! They have been in a foster home for a couple of months now and have made wonderful progress! They have both become blanket babies, especially when the blanket is on a lap! Little Patrina is the goofy outgoing one and comes running to give leg rubs and chirrups at us whenever we open the door to their room. She is super curious and wants to help with everything. She is the first to investigate new things with little to no hesitation. She is guaranteed to seek pets and lap-time cuddles. Phoebe is more shy and cautious...she's the "serious" one, but has recently made huge strides and is more relaxed while receiving attention. She looks to her sister for comfort and security but comes for pets and lap time more often all the time. Patience and respect for her needs is key with this one. Once you earn her trust, you will be rewarded with lap-time cuddles and naps. She definitely wants affection. It will just take a little longer for her to completely trust but her gift of affection will make your day! She has the most gorgeous blue and green eyes and super soft bunny fur! It didn't take long for them to come out of hiding after coming to their new foster home. Less than a day or two. They only hide now when I run the vacuum and even then they come out to observe from a distance. They don't mind when the big yellow dog comes into their room and spends time there. They will even play with each other with the dog lying a few feet away. The dog generally ignores them and in return, they casually observe the dog and steal a sniff of the tail or toes when dog isn't looking. They play together really well and will be lifelong best friends. Their favorite things are a string (with a human making it dance and run) little tinsel balls, catnip toys or a catnip party! Because of their rough start, they are a little more independent. But they have come such a long way in a couple of short months. Much faster than their foster mom expected, but she has no doubt they will continue to learn how to be the perfect companions! They have impeccable litter box habits. They will need a home that is patient and understands that while they are social and enjoy lap time, they will still need some time to trust. They would do best in a home with older children who will understand their need for space and who will enjoy quiet time with a lap kitty. If you would be interested in meeting a Saving Tails Animal Rescue pet or being considered for an adoption, please complete an adoption application at Saving Tails Animal Rescue (STAR) is a 501(c)3 registered no-kill, non profit animal rescue. All animals are placed in loving foster homes until their forever family finds them. Because there is not a physical shelter location, foster homes are needed to help rescue local animals who are in danger of euthanasia. If you would be interested in fostering an animal in need, please complete a foster application at